Forum Labo Paris 2025

FORUM LABO PARIS 2025 Porte de Versailles HALL 4 we will be there from 25th to 27th of March 2025


A MERGER of 2 French companies, specialized in robotics, instrumentation, consumables and materials for laboratories.

A culture of service, tailor-made and quality...


Want to do more !

With your instruments.


We offer turnkey platforms or re-design of existing


CyRISBio Reactivity


We are close to our customers that falicitate contact and flexibility.

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Our multidisciplinary team specializes in laboratory automation.

We work on the long term with the objectives of quality and customer satisfaction.

CYRISBio creativity


Provide personalized solutions to the projects entrusted to us in order to find tailor-made technical answers.



Lab automation : Automated robotic platform

Whatever the nature of your microplate automation project, we assess your needs and provide custom robotic platform solutions.
We bring our expertise of more than 20 years in automation, supervision and scheduling software, proprietary peripherals (pipettors, liquid dispensers, hotels or incubators, 96 or 384 wells thermal cyclers, barcode printing, etc.) or integration of third-party devices.

More than 300 plug-ins already exist and we are developing them regularly.




New pipetting platform providing an incomparable level of flexibility for its size

The CyBi-Felix from CyBio is a flexible and compact pipetting platform that allows single-channel and multi-channel pipetting in a footprint of only 65x45 cm. This automatic pipettor will easily find its place in any laboratory and under any hood.




You are looking for solutions to automatically handle and fill reservoirs/microplates/tubes, we have automation solutions with or without user interface



High-speed dispenser for microplates or µtubes format 1, 8, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384 wells.

Standalone or integrated, you choose and we will support you in your project.



Our LiCONiC incubators for microplates, Petri dishes or blood bags are ideal automated storage solutions on standalone or integrated into a robotic platform.

LiCONiC's automated storage hotels

Compact room temperature storage solution in various capacities.
Adaptable to your automated platform to manage all your flows.

LiCONiC's Automated incubators

Temperature/gas and humidity controlled automated storage solution, from the smallest to the very large capacity.

Biobank at 4°c, -20°c, -80°c and even -196°C

Scalable solutions maximizing storage capacity with sorting and tube/sample retrievals in a single device.


A need for storage automation of several thousands/millions of samples, LiCONiC offers customization services. Contact us to discuss


Microtubes LVL

CyRISBio en partenariat avec la société LVL technologies a développé de nouvelles solutions de stockage innovantes.

Elles sont basées sur des microtubes individuels marqués 2D rangés dans des racks au format SBS 96,48, 24 emplacements : Les Samplosophy ®!

Microtubes marqués 2D en racks ou vrac

Format SBS 24/48/96 Tubes en rack ou vrac (barrettes, sachets).

Systèmes de fermeture

Existent en screew-cap, tapis de push-cap ou film de scellage.

Accessoires pour microtubes

Extracteur de microtubes, lecteur de code barre, roller de degivrage

Un besoin, une question !

Fluidic hoses and connectors

Fluidic connections

  • Peristaltic Pump Tube fiitings
  • Luer Fittings
  • Threaded Fittings
  • Thread to Barb Fittings
  • PEEK Fittings

Fluids tubing

  • Teflon Tubing
  • Peristaltic Tubing

Dispensing Combs

  • 8,12,16,24 chanels
  • Autoclavable as an option